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  • Establishing corporate goals, short term and long term budgets and developing business plans for the achievement of these goals.
  • Devise Plans to achieve sales objective of the company and implementing various Programmes, implement penetration plans, maximize distribution methods to reach out to maximum customers and ensure growth in sales.
  • Developing market strategies by looking into various Consumer behaviour and market dynamics.
  • Driving sales strategies for attainment of periodical targets with a view to optimize revenue.
  • Territory mapping & market segmentation to identify new customer & increase market share.
  • Reviewing and interpreting the competition after in-depth analysis of market information to fine-tune the marketing communication strategies and escalate business volumes.
  • Standardizing the existing processes/ setting-up new processes as well as maintaining positive media and public relations for business growth.
  • Identifying and networking with financially strong and reliable Investors dealers/channel partners, & enhance the business partnership.
  • Ensuring cost effective logistic operations & seamless materials movement to ascertain sufficient inventory levels at each Department & distribution channel.
  • Training the Implementation team at all Levels to be target oriented and grow with the company as well as developing necessary infrastructure in the given Area if required from time to time.
  • Ensuring the Business Partners have a healthy business returns and they are encourages to invest / re-invest as per the need of the business.
  • Developing product concept, launch strategy, execution plan and determining ROI as well as managing market survey, testing, distribution & pre & post launch promotions for new product launches.
  • Analyzing and preparing competitive marketing campaign for the brand to enhance the brand equity.
  • Building brand focus in conjunction with operational requirements and ensuring maximum brand visibility and capturing optimum market shares.
  • Leading & monitoring the performance of team members to ensure efficiency in operations and meeting of individual & group targets.
  • Identifying and implementing strategies for building team effectiveness by promoting a spirit of cooperation between team members.
  • Imparting training to team on sales fundamentals, persuasive selling features, communication skills & conceptual presentations.

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